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Friday, November 19, 2010

One Blog of an Inspiration!

Dear Loyal Readers,

I'm pleased to announce that I have been inspired to up the ante for my blog a bit and expand my fan base. That's right, I have fans! Not only that, I want to meet other crazies such as myself who enjoy blogging on blogs as well.

What's got me so pumped about this you ask??? Well, I just so happen to have a friend who has a food blog (that's where people pretend to cook food and blog about it, BORING!). She's getting more into it and some people advised her to network with Foodbuzz if she wants to meet more boring food people like herself.

So naturally, I start to wonder, 'Where and how do crazies network?!' I could try targeting insane asylums, however I'm not 100% positive they're allowed internet access. Or maybe I could advertise on Dr Phil's website forum? Any who, this is my new quest, so follow along because there's more to shite magic to come!


Crazy Girl With Internet Access


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