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Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's Your Poo Telling You? - A Book Review

Holy shit (no pun intended), this is the book I have been waiting for my entire life! It was sent to me by a couple of friends (Emily and Derrick) from back home. They pretty much get shits and giggles (no pun intended again) out of giving me what the real world would consider 'weird' gifts. They're like the bestest friends anyone could ask for, right?!

On to the review! At first glance, you would think it's a book about buying toilets, but once you actually read the cover, you realize, 'Oh hey, it's a book about poop!' What's even better is, this book has a partner in crime; An activity book! I'm just finishing up a game of Poodoku right now and then I'll be on to coloring in some pictures of poo. I can't wait to pass the time on the train with this! Genius!

Hey, wait a minute, that dummy on the cover looks an awful lot like my friend Derrick! Coincidence? You decide:

Anyway, enough fooling around! Here are some Q's and A's to help you decide whether or not you'd like to read What's Your Poo Telling You? based on my review:

How is this book any different from other poop books on the market these days?

Although the competition is fierce, it has a lot of great poop illustrations and it was written by Anish Sheth, M.D., a gastroenterology assistant professor at Yale University School of Medicine! How cool is that?! It almost makes me want to go back to college!

Could this book be used as a stocking stuffer?

Definitely! And don't just wait until Christmas to give this book to someone, use every holiday as an excuse! It could even be used as a housewarming present, celebrating a new baby or just keep it for yourself and leave it on the coffee table. Think of all the wonderful conversations you could have with your guests!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how appropriate would it be to whip this book out at the dinner table? 10

What were your highlights of reading this book?

What really stood out for me was that it has synonyms for every poop type, such as: Chocolate Thunder, Butt Piss, Gravy Poo, Turd Tea and Poo of a Shame to name a few.

Are there cliff notes available for this book?

As far as I know there aren't. However, every time you do the deed, that should be enough cliff notes to hold you over until you have time to read the book.

What was your favorite poo featured in the book?

'The Honeymoon is Over Poo', AKA The "I Do" Doo. This is where you've lost all anxiety to poo in the presence of your significant other. I think this occurred within the first week of my relationship with Paul, however he still has issues with it.

Did you actually learn anything from reading this book, or was it just a big joke?

I most certainly did learn a thing or poo reading this book! Get it?! Get it?! For instance, did you know that Sweden has a town called Badfart? I can't wait to visit! Also, the longest documented human poo was 26 feet long?!? They must have had to finish reading 5 magazines to get that one out! Oh, and I also found out that rabbits do eat their own poo! I once had a rabbit named Peter that did that all of the time but I gave him away because I thought he had a chemical imbalance. (Miss you always Peter!)

All in all, go read this book! It should seriously be on the New York Best Sellers List or at least featured in Oprah's book club! It's basically Poo-tastic!

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  1. I found this thouroughly inspirational and informative. I shall now purchase this book for my wife, who is coincidentally named Amber!