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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Orbitz Drinks...Where'd You Go?

Anyone remember what these little beauties in a bottle are? Go ahead, guess!

Cute little lava lamps only sold at Walmart?

--Close, but no cigar.

Bottles of a magical wizard potion?


Perhaps the elixir of youth?


How about round colorful balls floating in some sort of liquid catalyst for Type 2 Diabetes?

Yum! My favorite combo!

Ok, I'll tell ya! They're ADHD and obesity in a bottle Ortibz drinks!

Now do you remember them??? They began hitting American stores in 1997 and formed one of my fondest memories of being a fat kid with a couple bucks to spend in the grocery store on a hot summer's day. My favorite flavor was the Pineapple-Banana-Cherry-Coconut. Yes, all in one bottle! I know, it still wrecks my head!

So why on Earth did these joy-generating drinks get taken off the shelves you ask??? Lets speculate for the hell of it! Could it have been due to the mind-altering sugar content in one bottle alone? Maybe it causes seizures? By any chance, did the US government not know where to put it on the food pyramid so they banned it?

Hope they take my suggestion into consideration
and bring back Orbitz drinks asap:

(BTW, this food pyramid got me thinking: Should I also suggest a spot dedicated to Christmas foods and/or gravy??? Just a thought!)

Anyway, according to Wiki, there wasn't enough demand to meet supply (it sounded smart when I typed it)...Basically their sales sucked ass. Even so, I still search on Ebay for these 'collectables', so if anyone can come across one of them before I do and you wish to donate it to me, I'd gladly drink it just to see if my pancreas explodes!


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