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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Presents I Hope I Get For Christmas So I Can Re-Gift Them

Hey guys, Christmas is right around the corner, are you excited?!? I am!

So I've made a list of items I hope I get for Christmas this year, just so I can give them away because I'm cheap. I hope this list helps you just in case you get one of these as presents and want to re-gift them as well.

Great for couch potatoes, warlock wanna-bes and Anemics.

Calling all Dungeons & Dragons freaks! This would go perfect with their invisible cloak and dagger of knowledge.

Great re-gift for someone who is getting married. Or just play it safe and give it to a stripper.

Perfect re-gift for someone who thinks something like this is clever. Even though it's not. (At least we both know that.)

I'm actually going to keep this one for me. The poop stuffed 'animal' alone is worth it!

For anyone who has ever wanted to be cool. Period.

Great re-gift for someone with a drinking problem. They'll really appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness when it comes to their 'problem'!

To that person that's extremely racist but doesn't realize it. Think they'd get the hint? Mmmm Nazi bling!

To the asshole who has everything. No way in hell would they already have an armadillo handbag. If they do, I'll re-gift them a punch in their face instead.

To someone who just happens to have time to put a puzzle together the second their alarm goes off...WTF?

To that person who just hasn't gotten laid yet (Derrick)...

Excellent for someone who loves gloves but refuses to wear underwear. Confused?

To that person who just never seems to have money to go out so you always have to end up footing the bill.


  1. Holy shit Amber... funny!

  2. Oh shit the hand pants look awesome!

  3. Mama Dear aka VickiDecember 22, 2010 at 4:27 AM

    Funny stuff! You can re-gift the handerpants to me. I love them.

  4. hey, you got that drugged broads number?

  5. some of these are hilarious, i might get the first gift for a mate since he does nothing but lounge around all day.

  6. that's a hell of a list haha... i'd go with the pee and poo dolls. brilliant.

  7. I'm with you, the pee and pooh stuffed "animals" are keepers!

  8. That stuff is awesome for company yankee swaps!