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Friday, December 17, 2010

15 Shirts I Must Buy Or My Life Will Not Be Complete


This is what I think every time I talk to my friend Derrick. However, I don't think he just ate a bowl, I think he devoured the entire box.


This is very true, you cannot argue with physics.


Vegetarians, vegans, and World of Warcraft freaks, close your eyes, this shirt may offend you.


Was I the only one that thinks Kanye West wasn't crossing the line?


This shirt is the perfect thing to wear to a feminist group. If anyone gives you the stink eye, just respond, "Hey, you would look really cute in a dress with a little bit of make up!" or "Shouldn't you be chained to the sink doing some dishes?" That will show them...


Two words: Holy hilarious!


Not just for your average American citizen that's appeared on Maury's television program, not once, but 5 times to figure out who the baby's daddy is.


I cannot tell you how many times I've been talking with someone who doesn't get the irony of a situation. I wish I had been wearing this shirt so I could point at the writing and walk away.


I'm all for going organic. Next time you go to buy organic food or clothes, wear this.


Perfect T shirt for your first interview. It will definitely get you the job.


I love how Tinkerbell is about to dip her finger in some of that peanut poo. By far the funniest T Shirt I've come across!


I'm white so I'm allowed to laugh at this. If you are not white and I see you wearing this, I will still laugh...Then ask you where you got the shirt because I want one.


Yup, describes me to a T. It's as outside as you'll ever see me.


Yeah, just like that one time the cops got called because my friends and I were climbing on my roof pretending to be ninjas but they thought we were trying to rob the place...True story.


Why yes, yes they do. I have been laughed at by many-a-trees in my life time...


  1. All of these shirts (while offensive) were freaking hilarious. I'm not sure which one I really like better. Probably the "organic" shirt.

  2. Yeah I can't make up my mind either, I'm torn between the organic one and the peanut butter shirt. So many choices!

  3. Love the peter pan one!!! BTW...I made you new blog of the day.

  4. some of these had me howling. Loved the I should be in the Kitchen, drunken patios and 100% organic the most. Funny stuff!!!

  5. @'Cross the Pond - Ok well then it's official, majority wins, I'm getting the organic one!

    @Derrick - Oh I dare!

  6. I saved the 1st one, so funny.

  7. Wouldn't it be funny if you saw Kanye West was wearing the first one?!

  8. These are terrific! My favourite: You can't kidnap fat people! True. Very true!

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    I need to get the Fat peopel are harder to kidnap shirt!

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  11. Thanks for following me guys! Followed you all as well :)