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Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Fight: 400lb Woman Beats Her Roommate Up For Eating Her Thin Mints! WTF?!?

Dear Fellow Fat Americans,


You're not making yourselves look very good in the headlines lately! I'm quite disappointed in you...SERIOUSLY, you're un-doing everything The Biggest Loser and Oprah has done for you guys!

Do you remember those old Butterfinger commercials with Bart and Homer fighting over the candy bar and Homer always ended up strangling Bart? I know, it was funny right?!? And I'm sure you even went and bought a few Butterfingers after the commercial was over too! Ha! So did I!

Good times eh?

Well never did I imagine in a million years that you fat people would really be fighting over food!

No really, you fatties are literally fighting over food!

Don't want to admit it? Ok then, I'll prove it to you!

First, we have the recent Denny's incident in Massachusetts. Some food-related drama is about to go down! And it's all because of some delicious maple syrup...Take a look:

And I thought this kind of crap only happens in New Jersey! Boy was I wrong!

Apparently someone from Couple A asked for some maple syrup off Couple B's table because Couple A didn't have any on their own table.

Well, this pissed Couple B off very, very, very much! Why you ask? God, I don't know! The only logical reason I can think of is this:

Couple B does not enjoy having their maple syrup borrowed as this can alter the taste of their own pancakes, even if it is returned within 30 seconds flat...Once removed from their table, I'm assuming it must not sustain the same syrupy goodness it would have if it were to only remain on their table and their table alone. After all, this is Denny's all-you-can-eat pancake night for only 5 bucks and they need their maple syrup to not have it's molecular structure altered in any way!

So then after both Couple A and Couple B exchanged some wonderfully well thought out and poetic words, the thieving Couple A ended the night by taking a patriotic beating from Couple B to pay for their gluttonous maple syrup sins!

The best part is when the girl says "Bitch, your pancakes look fine to me!" Haha!

Ok, so maybe these maple syrup hooligans aren't totally fat, but they dress like crap and they're acting like a 'larger than your average person' would after they missed happy hour at an all you can eat buffet...

What have I learned from this?

Well, not only do you not talk shit on the Boston Red Sox to someone from Masachusetts, you also DO NOT ask to borrow maple syrup from their table at Denny's!

This would SO not happen at IHOP!

Next we have Miss Hersha Howard...

(Yup, she's got 'Attitude!' written all over her face!)

This pleasantly plump, 400lb Florida woman attacked her roommate known only as 'The Victim', over a dispute of her eating all of Hersha's Thin Mints she bought from a girl scout.

Hmmm did I miss something here?!?

Over THIN mints?!?!


How ironic!!!!!

Oh no, it gets better!

Turns out she didn't eat them! She gave them to Hersha's children as a pre-bedtime snack at 1AM! 1 FUCKING AM! Gee, how thoughtful! The Victim offered to pay her for the box of cookies to calm her down but that just wasn't good enough. HA! HA! Nice try 'Victim', but you can't pull one over on Hersha! So, Hersha looses it (keep in mind people get a bit cranky when they don't eat), hits The Victim with a board, then proceeded to beat the living shit out of her!

The Victim's husband had to pull Hersha off his wife, leaving The Victim to escape. Oddly enough, Hersha chased after her (how the hell did she manage that?!?!) and beat her with a sign! I'm guessing this was a McDonald's sign???

Anywho, it's great entertainment and all, and Lord knows maple syrup and Thin Mints taste fan-fucking-tastic, but you fat people need to slow your roll and chill out! Not just that, can this shit please stop occurring in America?!?!? Please?!?!?!

Try to take your food aggressions out by attending Weight Watchers support meetings and watching The Iron Chef on Food Network, ok?!? It helps!

Fat, Angry, American Girl Living In Ireland


  1. Over thin mints? That is crazy! If it was samoas, I would totally understand. Those have caramel in them...
    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  2. LOL... wow!! Only in America. -shakes head-

  3. I heard about the thin mint bitch, such a shame. I mean I love me some thin mints but I ain't about the slap a bitch over them.

  4. haha i saw that video on deadspin, It's hilarious. Also try being the only skinny guy around a group of fatties they will make fun of you non stop. Hypocrites much? More like HIPPOcrite, amirite?

  5. Your post just made my day! Please give us more :)

    Lol@the fight

  6. How do you get beat up by a 400 lb woman? Just find a flight of stairs, walk briskly up them, and laugh as she wheezes her way half way up, fails, and then shakes her fist at you while craving another double cheeseburger.

  7. I never saw a real food fight until now. Fucking ignorant ass people would never do that shit in Detroit. Of course there isn't any Denny's in Detroit or any real maple syrup either. But if there were...

  8. lol wow that was hilarious at Denny's.

    In the case of the thin mint fat ass, her sentencing should include mandatory trips to the tread mill twice a day!

  9. "nobody better lay a finger on MYYYY butterfinger!"
    Simpsons Nostalgia is ALWAYS welcome.

    Also, that Denny's clip is so awesome.

  10. Im american and i've never seen anything like that. The best thing i ever saw was some drunk chick pass out at subway. Where can i meet these people?

    By the way i'd beat the little bitch if she took my cookies! You have to pay a whole 7$ a box for those things! LOL i'm not 400 pounds though, not even close.

    I also avoid dennys anyway, the one near my house got shut down because of a rat problem. Yuck!

  11. crazy is so much fucking fun.

    and the more fat in the diet the crazier the people become.

    when the zombie apocalypse happens i hope there a a bunch of fat zombies...

    i know my not quite that fat ass can out run them!

  12. Haha, can't wait to check out this video when I'm on youtube next!!

  13. Eating at Denny's is like riding the Greyhound bus. You know you are taking your life in your own hands, but man, it is SO entertaining.

    I simply cannot fathom hitting someone with a board unless my life was in danger, but for cookies? Obscene. Wow.

  14. bah ha ha ha I'm watching the video and instead of chanting 'Jerry, Jerry' my head is chanting, 'Denny's, Denny's' Great stuff Amber.

  15. Wow... I'm born and raised in the US and I have never seen someone get attacked for food. Good post none the less.

  16. i just watched the video, the guy in the begin dont know how to hit ! no blood, nothing broked, it's shit but the girl at the end, she is a tiger, she f***** the other with a great dexterity WELL DONE MISS !!!!!

  17. There are some real messed up people.