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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Help Detroit Get Their Statue Of Robocop!

Ok, I'm all for good causes. However, if you ask me on the street to donate some money for a charity, I refuse to pay for first class flights of CEO's who run the charity, therefor, I'll tell you I can't speak English. If you're a gypsy begger on the street shoving a brand new paper coffee cup in my face with all your solid gold rings on saying "Please! Please! Please!", I will pretend I saw someone I know and wave 'them' down just to passively aggressively vacate myself from the shitty predicament you put me in. If you're going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to help cancer research, I will laugh and say good luck to both, we all know they'll never find a cure to cancer! It makes the pharmaceutical companies billions every year!

But the reason for my post today is for a very good cause. A cause that something tangible will come from it! Detroit needs their Robocop, and this time, in a form of a statue! Please check this site out. The good people of Detroit are raising the money all on their own. They have already raised $50,000 which was their initial goal, but with 38 days to go, lets see how much more they can raise!

And even so, their mayor, Dave Bing, is being the evil nemesis saying it's not going to happen, "But thank you for your suggestion. " Perhaps this Dave guy has never seen Robocop? Perhaps he was a boy that only read books, pissed the bed and dreamed of being a politician one day. Wake up Dave! Wake the fuck up!

Who is going to serve the public? Who is going to protect the innocent? Uphold the law?

Detroit needs their Robocop!

The people of Detroit will not take 'No' for an answer, and that is admirable!

You guys know how much I love Robocop, especially if you read my last post about him. If that made you smile even the slightest, can you donate to this wonderful cause? Even if it's just the change you find in your couch. Perhaps you could donate your children's lunch money, anything will help! Most importantly, if it's just you taking the time to 'Like' the campaign on Facebook, it's free but shows your support!

I commend you good Samaritans who support Robocop!

Good luck people of Detroit! Make America proud!

God bless Robocop!


  1. I think they should build it. If Philly can have one of Rocky, Detroit should get on of Robocop.

  2. Nothing like a fancy statue to garnish up an abandoned city. ;P It was built for two million people, and currently is home to less than a million. It really has fallen along with the American industry that built it.

  3. whhhhaaatttt?!?!?! Build this right now! the tourism will go through the roof. detroit will become awesome again. I'd personally drive over the lake just to see this statue. It would have to be up to par with the statue of liberty though.

  4. they should do it to help the crime rate. or maybe build it in d.c.

  5. @ Erasmus - Hey but that's the whole point! Bring some pride back to Detroit! :D

    @ Bart - Seriously! I mean, I would seriously fly all the way from Ireland to see this! As long as it's not built by the French ;)

    @ jonwinters - Haha definitely, I believe the crime rate would go down, then every city in America would get one! Including DC :)

  6. Robocop? Oh hey...I think I see my Jack, yeah Jack, over there. Gotta go. Good luck with that thing that you are doing...

    Heya Jack! *crosses street even though there is no one over there*
    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  7. I live like 20 minutes away from Detroit! I'd LOVE to be able to see a robocop statue :O

  8. Oh yeaaahhh a robocop statue!!
    I'd donate a few penny's :D

  9. Loving the blog, supporting and following!

  10. wow, I really hope Murphy/Robocop gets thats statue....and seriously LOL @ "only read books, pissed the bed and dreamed of being a politician one day"

  11. great post!

    God bless Robocop, you are right :)

  12. Heard that they have reached their goal for fundraising, but are going to continue to do so for another month or so. But it looks like they will get a Robocop statue. I love america, USA! USA!

  13. One of my friends loves Robocop he would support this all the way :D so i'm gonna tell him about this

  14. If anything, Detroit needs Robocop so that he can gun down Eminem and Chrysler for that terrible and awkwardly aggressive 'we're from Detroit, you don't know us, we've been to hell and back so screw all you haters' commercial. I would gladly help fund that.

  15. Aw Jaysus Babe--I have lived IN Detroit for 57 years and if they built that statue, some scrapper would come along with a set of torches and cut it up until it fit into the back of his 1973 Ford pick up with the side panels flapping in the wind and then he'd be dropping pieces of that shit on the freeway as he drove it to the scrap yard.

    Joe Louis Fist We could put robo cop right next to the fist and he could take one on the chin.

    And Bing actually, though not a native Detroiter, played for the pistons for almost his entire professional career, retired and started a steel and iron business which employed 600 people and is the first honest mayor since about 1962. He ain't no politician.

  16. i agree... detroit needs the robocop!

    and then when the lions fianlly win the super bowl they can put a lions jersey on him.

    fucking funny and inventive as usual!

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  17. Milwaukee has a bronze statue of Aurthur Fonzarelli. The Bronze Fonz, if you will.

  18. Japan has a gundam, we need a robocop. End of story. Make it happen!

  19. I will keep my fingers crossed for people of Detroit :)

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  21. They HAVE to go through with this