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Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Minute Ideas For Mens Valentine's Gifts

Hey everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know what? Men have it so easy! Chocolates, flowers, perfume...It's so easy to shop for a girl!

So ladies, I decided to list some ideas on what to get your guy last minute:

Ball and Chain
Good old fashioned gift here. Isn't this how Valentine's Day was established?

Chocolate Boobs
He will not turn these away, in fact, he will look at you in a new light for being so thoughtful. Chocolate AND boobies?!? He'll love them!

A book about STD's for dumbos
Every dumbo couple needs one. Especially the ones that go on Jeremy Kyle and The Maury Show!

Pat the blow up doll
For all the times you're tired, bored or just not in the mood...

A T-Shirt that says "Play with me or this will be your eX-Box"
This is for all the guys who insist on playing video games all night, every night. Take notes.

Make him home made fetus cookies!
If that doesn't give him the hint, I don't know what will.

Biological Clock
Well ok, maybe this will. If not, ladies, forget baking anything in your oven...

Fake Pregnancy Test
But as revenge for making you childless, you could give him this just to piss him off and scare the living jiz out of him. No pun intended.

Beer Pong Kit
Why not end the night on an intoxicated note? He'll really appreciate the fact that he gets to drink beer, play ping pong and get laid all in one night!

Enjoy your evening ;)


  1. hahahaha, happy valentine day man.

  2. Happy Valentines Day.

    This was an awesome post.

  3. Thanks Oilfield :) You make my day when you comment!

  4. choc-boobies...very noice!

    beer pong game...fucking awesome.

    but the best was the ex box shirt!~

    i forgot pretty much the rest of the psot, as i was focused on boobies and drinking!

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  5. Holy fuck, fetus cookies and the fake preggo test... BUT HONEY, ALL I WANTED WAS A BJ!

  6. I have a shirt like that but is says fuck valentines day-eat a dick --->

  7. Fetus cookies with milk.....the milk they will never grow to devour. MUA HA HA HA.

  8. I love those fetus cookies. Why do those make me hungry? Is something wrong with me?

  9. Fetuses look delicious. Did I mention I'm an atheist?

  10. oh god so silly. Those chocoboobies are awesome~! Also, I am so getting that fake preg test.. to scare the crap outta mah girl >:3

  11. Hey my ball chain, hows the bun in the oven, I mean foetus cookies CUMing along? Did Pat drop his load to you earlier, oh he's such a dummy! I did tell him you were watching the clock, after all it is ticking by fast! Love you!!!!

  12. These ideas are so perfect, you should do a post on how to get him to propose. Mom took my dad to the Jewlry store and said "You knocked me up now buy me a ring." It worked, she's brilliant.