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Monday, January 17, 2011

Robocop...Where'd You Go?

I'd just like to say: Robocop = Genius of a movie!

Is it just me, or did this movie actually make society better in the 80's? Like I may have just been a kid and all, but after watching Robocop for the first time, I was scared to go out and cause any trouble, for fear that Salt Lake City had a cop just like Detroit did.

"You're coming with me. Dead or alive." <----- How can that not scare a 6 year old into submission!?!

Now that I'm older and I watch this movie, it really cracks me up. Look at their 'futuristic' cars:

A cherry on top in the first Robocop movie is Red Foreman from That 70's Show is in it:

On a side note, here's some Robocop related pictures to enjoy:

I know I've been away from America for some time, so I'm kinda out of the loop. I read on that MGM put a hold on making a Robocop in 3D?!?! I'd love to watch this movie when it finally comes out! Anyone have a more current update on the development of it?

We bought the Robocop trilogy recently and I can't wait to use up an entire Sunday watching it!

GO 80'S!


  1. the 80s was a magical time, full of leg warmers and afros.

  2. Tony watched that movie over, and over, and over....His favorite movie!

  3. haha, robocop is awesome! what a great movie XD

  4. haha man robocop was so over the top

  5. i remember that movie it was totally cool back then

  6. It was a great movie back then. And part of it was filmed right here in Houston.

  7. I didn't know it was Red from that 70's show. Wow...

  8. robocop is a total HO. buddy moved in slow motion. If you got close you could rip that HO apart

  9. 3D is a red flag. Also, it would have to have Paul Verhoeven directing.

  10. I think we can judge the effectiveness of Robocop by looking at Detroit today...FAIL

  11. i loved robocop. period i wanted to marry him and dick tracy!!

  12. that RoboCop my little pony tatt is genius!

  13. i did a lot of drugs in the 80's and surprisingly in the 90's as well.

    AND i did inhale.

    i loved robocop they played one and two back to back a couple of months ago!

    i took all the cushions off the couch and turned the place upside down trying to find a joint..

    ummm the eighties!

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